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Scugog inducts members
into Sports Wall of Fame

The 2008 Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony was be held October 23 at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre - Community Hall, 1655 Reach Street, Port Perry.
This year’s inductees included David Porter - Figure Skating; Bill Davidson - Motorcycle Side Car Racing; Jim Zoet - Basketball; John McClelland - Builder; 1965 Port Perry Squirt ‘A’ OASA Champs - Softball.
The Scugog Sports Wall of Fame was officially established by Township Council in the fall of 2006. Following this, the Wall of Fame Committee was confirmed in early 2007 with the express intent to formally recognize Scugog’s sporting history and traditions.
It was also mandated to select local athletes, teams and builders for special recognition as a result of outstanding athletic accomplishments at the regional, provincial, national or international level.
Since its inception, the Committee has endeavoured to identify and catalogue Scugog’s numerous athletes, teams and builders. The selection of the inaugural inductees demonstrates the scope of Scugog’s athletes and their terms of sporting influence beginning in the early 1900’s right through until today.
The Sports Wall of Fame is located at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre, 1655 Reach Street, Port Perry.

One of the most unusual and exciting events to ever be held at Mosport was the North American Sidecar Championship. In 1974, Prince Albert’s native son, Bill Davidson was part of the Cox-Davidson team that won the N.A.S.C. (North American Side Car) Championship driving a Fiddiman/Kawasaki bike.
Bill attended Prince Albert Public School and Port Perry High School as well he was an excellent defenceman in Port Perry Minor Hockey in the 60’s and 70’s before entering the world of motorcycle racing. Bill was the “acrobat” or sidecar rider and his friend
Greg Cox of Bowmanville the driver. Together these two young men with their death defying style captured the 1974-75-77 Canadian Sidecar Championships, the 1974 and 1975 N.A.S.C. Championships and the 1977 Amer can Motorcycle Association Championships. They also appeared twice on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports”. In the mid-seventies, when driver Cox became injured, Bill took on the role of driver and with acrobat, Pat Dunn once again was successful in earning N.A.S.C. recognition.
In 1975, Bill received an “Achievement Award Certificate” from the Premier of Ontario,
Bill Davis for his contributions to the Ontario sports program in sidecar racing.
In his ten years of racing, Bill Davidson consistently finished in the top ten for this sport and his exciting “acrobatic” sidecar racing put our community on the map.

Port Perry’s, Jim Zoet is the only person from Durham Region to play on a National Basketball Team. Zoet was a member of Canada’s National and Olympic Teams, and saw short service in the NBA with the Detroit Pistons after being cut by the Atlanta Hawks.
He was named to the Top 100 Players in Canadian Basketball History by and has been nominated to the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame. Jim was a student of Port Perry High School in the early 70’s and on graduation went to Kent State on a basketball scholarship. After three years, he became disillusioned and returned to Canada to finish his degree at Lakehead University where he led his team to its only CIAU National Championship.
Playing for the NBA Pistons in 82-83, Jim wore # 34 and was a member of the team that included Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer. He managed a seven game stint in the days when Canadians in the NBA were a rarity (up until 1991 there were only 12), but he ended up playing most of his pro career internationally. His 1980 Olympic team was coached by Jack Donoghue and was considered “a powerhouse” but the Canadian boycott of the Moscow Olympics ended his dream of Olympic competition.
Jim Zoet like other Canadian basketball players from 1946-1991 helped blaze the trail for the NBA scouting of Canadians. “The Big Man” from Port Perry is a Lakehead Norwesters “basketball legend”.

Long-time sport columnist John B. McClelland has used his pen and his time to build interest and recognition for many of Scugog’s athletes and organizations over his 30 years of reporting on the local sport scene.
John has covered the Junior “C” Mojacks for three different newspapers – the Port Perry Star where he began his career in Scugog in 1977, the Scugog Citizen and currently the Scugog Standard. His coverage though wasn’t limited just to this club but to all sports and every athlete young or old always waited to see if their name would make it into the local paper.
The hours spent at ball diamonds, arenas, soccer fields, tennis courts and schools wereappreciated as were the pictures and write-ups that created the awareness for the community of the importance of sport and team play. John’s columns expressed his love of the game whatever the sport might be.
John continues to cover the Mojacks and although his time at the arena has diminished over the years, his passion for Junior Hockey has not. Builders of sport come in all forms in a community from coaches, to volunteers, to managers, to league presidents, to scorekeepers and in Scugog it also comes in the form of the press that makes every child, teen, and adult feel like a star through the coverage of their games and accomplishments in the local newspaper.

During the 1960’s and 70’s Port Perry skaters were a powerhouse in Canadian Figure Skating, David Porter was among those elite athletes. Partnered with Barbara Berezowski, they won two gold medals in Ice Dancing at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships (1975 and 76) and competed at the 1976 Winter Olympics placing 9th.
Born in Bowmanville, David moved to Port Perry when he was very young and atten ed both Port Perry Public School (now RH Cornish) and Port Perry High School. His parents owned the apple orchards that were to become the “Apple Valley” subdivision. Although originally scouted for hockey, he was told to improve his speed skating backwards so he joined a figure skating club and found he enjoyed skating to music better than hockey and as a result entered the Novice
Canadians competition in 1967 and the rest is history. David has appeared in Stars on Ice for Canadian TV as well as being a member of the 1978 Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies. He has also made guest a pearances on many skating shows including “Rhapsody on Ice” which starred Toller Cranston.
David continues to play an important role in the life of Scugog as his company supplies the fireworks (and has for many years) for the Canada Day festivities.
Scugog is proud of their Figure Skating history and David Porter was a prominent member of our
Canadian Champions.


Port Perry Minor Softball Association was founded in the fall of 1962 and the first teams took to the field in 1963. By 1965, the Legion Squirts managed to capture an OASA Championship, Scugog’s first for a minor ball team. Team members are, front row (L to R): Ron Redman, John Bourgeois (Bat Boy), Ken Nightingale (Captain), Phil Cochrane (Bat Boy), Dave Bourgeois. 2nd Row (L to R): Steve Cochrane, Ricky Short, Ricky Evans, Cal Cochrane, Bill Jeffery. 3rd Row (L to R): Roland Skinner, Brent Heard, Gary Waller, Lauri Williams, Bob Young, Ed Mulholland (President of Port Perry Legion), Jim Irvine (Coach), Vin Walker (Manager) Garry Evans (Coach), Bill Taylor (Sports Officer P.P. Legion).
Facing tough competition from perennial favourite Galt, the teams were to face off in the final game. Galt had won the championship for the last four years but that did not seem to deter the boys. The championship tournament was played in Woodstock and the first game was a 6-0 victory over Niagara Falls. Now came the powerhouse Galt team and even though the local team heard pre-game bragging of who would ride the “fire truck” in the victory celebration in Galt, the actual riders were the Port Perry squad as they defeated Galt 6-1.
For over 20 years, the Port Perry softball teams have worn the blue and gold jerseys of the local Legion. Their financial support and a team of talented boys who were in the words of many “a complete team”, would bring this community provincial softball recognition in just three years of playing together. This standard of success set the stage for many more championships that were to follow for minor softball teams in Scugog.






By: Paul Arculus &
J. Peter Hvidsten

By: J. Peter Hvidsten

The History Of The
Markham Gang
By: Paul Arculus