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Timeline: 1950-1959

January 1950 Port Perry Council - Reeve E. Hayes; councillors - W.H. Peel, Dr. M.B. Dymond, R.H. Frise, W.J. Carnegie. Innes Motor Sales of Manchester was the Plymouth, Chrysler and Fargo dealer. Reach Township attains 100th anniversary. February 1950 Eight men were appointed to the new Hospital Bd. which is in charge of building new hospital. Members are: Port Perry Gordon Reesor, Fred Brooks; Scugog Twp. R. Tetlow, Don Crozier; Reach Twp. Alvin Bruce, Earl Martin and Cartwright Twp. Allan Suggett and Bruce Heaslip. Mr. Herb Brooks was elected president. At a meeting of the Business Men's Assoc., Mr. Sam Griffen outlined plans to begin construction of the new arena as soon as the weather was permissable. Mr. Sam Griffen presented council with plans for a log building for a Scout Hall to be built at a cost of between $4,000 and $5,000. Over $430 was raised for the new arena at a Gala Night, featuring Bingo and a dance at the high school. Miss Zula Jackson was the lucky winner of a draw for a 1950 General Electric Washing Machine. March 1950 Ron Peel of Peel's Poultry Farm is featured on the front page of the Farmer's Magazine. Port Perry Council agreed to raise approx. $10,000 by way of debentures for the construction of Memorial Hospital. A second Gala Night was held at the High School with $1,400 being raised for the new arena. Helen M. (Peel) Bathie, Doctor of Chiropractic, was advertising for patients. April 1950 A finance committee for the building of the new Scout Hall was formed comprising of Wentworth Watson, Mansell Gerrow, Ernie Sulman, Jack Whitby. Port Perry Junior Institute and Junior Farmers organized with Netta Melnychuck as president. A committee was appointed to deal with immediate action on construction of a new school for Port Perry. The first move towards a new arena took place with 1000 bags of cement being transported to the site from Myrtle Station by volunteers. May 1950 Sixty five windows in the main building at the fairgrounds were broken. Mr. Jack Sharpe of Uxbridge won a new Meteor car in draw held at the Gala Night held for the new arena. The draw added $1,500 to the building fund. Dr. M.B. Dymond subdued a man barracaded in a Port Perry house with an hidden hypodermic needle, after efforts by an armed OPP officer failed. June 1950 Art Brunton of Brunton Poultry Farms, honored by Pakistan government with beautiful engraved silver service in presence of 500 dignitaries at the Pakistan embassy, Ottawa. Council passed a bylaw for parking on Queen St., allowing only angle parking between Water and Perry Street. Corky, the famous 350 lb. clown, was on hand to officially open Birdseye Pool for the season and demonstrating many stunts in the pool. Mr. Fred Christie became the youngest Dist. Chairman in the province when he was elected Chairman of Dist. No. 4 Ontario Agriculture Societies. A ceremony marking the start of construction of a Scout Hall at the corner of Perry and Lilla St. took place on Thurs., June15 with Mrs. George Lane turning the first sod. July 1950 Work gets underway on the new recreation centre, although it has been downgraded to just an arena. Two men were blown into the water and Mr. Frank Honey was burned, when an motor launch exploded at the wharf in Port Perry. Work has been completed in widening, repairing and beautifying the west end of Queen St., including removal of the boulevard. Plans for the construction of Community Memorial Hospital were approved. August 1950 Port Perry held its 20th annual Sports Day with horse racing, baseball and a four block long racing car derby from Cochrane St. to Beare's Garage. In the evening there was bingo and dancing in the street. Mr. and Mrs. H. Durkin celebrated the 15th anniversary of their Five Cent to One Dollar Store in Port Perry. St. John's Anglican Church, Blackstock marks its Centennial. Archer Motors dealers in Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC and Oldsmobile. September 1950 Registration at Port Perry Public School hits 225, an all time high. Plate umpire Bill Harrison was taken to Oshawa Hospital with a neck injury after being hit by a foul tip. The new arena is progressing with the structure and roofing now completed. October 1950 Memorial Library receives gift of beautiful chairs from late Charles Stewart during an open house for the public. November 1950 Bill Taylor and Jack Starkey re-open Taylor's Restaurant under the name of the Green Thistle. Port Perry Yacht Club held their awards dinner at the Delicateria Restaurant. Don Simpson was elected Commodore and Don Carnegie Vice Commodore. Port Perry Council agrees to assume 40 percent of the balance of the cost (after grants) of building Community Memorial Hospital. December 1950 Mr. David Carnegie, 67, a prominent local businessman passes. He one time operated the Carnegie Lumber and Grist Mill, and for the past 35 years was a hardware merchant. Public School children tried out the ice at the new arena for the first time on Dec. 20, 1950. The first student to step on the new ice surface was Bob Carnegie. Port Perry Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 419 opened its new hall for the first time on Dec. 22, 1950. Ernest Hayes was acclaimed as Port Perry's Reeve for the next term. A partial list of Port Perry businesses operating at the end of 1950: Cawker Bros. Butchers, Reesor Fuel & Lumber, Gerrow's Bakery, Lakeview Theatre, Lake Scugog Lumber, Dowson's Food Store, Bruton's Drugstore, Williams Motor Sales, W.H. Peel Hardware, F.W. Brock & Son, Beare Motors Dogdge-DeSoto, Carnegie Hardware, Levinson's Dry Goods, A.L. McDermott Funeral Director and Furniture, Bentley's Jewellery Store, Elizabeth Shoppe, Lawrence Drug Store, Archer Motor Sales, Emmerson Insurance, Earl Wallace Roofing, W.E. MacGregor Meats, Port Perry Ice and Coal, Terminal Grill, Delicateria Restaurant. January 1951 Premier Leslie Frost cut a ribbon held by Jean Williams and Mayreene James to officially open the Port Perry Memorial Gardens Arena on Jan. 12/51. Other dignitaries on hand for the gala celebration were Maple Leafs Captain Tedder Kennedy and teammate Sid Smith. Ted Jackson was present a $1,000 grant from the Premier. Voters in Reach Twp. decided to support the Memorial Hospital with $12,500, their share of the building cost. Port Perry Council - Ernest Hayes, Reeve; councillors Dr. M.B. Dymond, Harry Peel, Hugh Santer and Frank Hastings. Harold Archer celebrated his 25 years as G.M.C. Dealer in Port Perry. February 1951 The Canadian H.W. Gossard Co. Ltd. open branch in Port Perry in the Town Hall. The largest crowd ever attended the first Port Perry Carnival held in the beautifully decorated arena and enjoyed skating demonstrations by a number of Toronto guest skaters. March 1951 Mrs. Z. M. Jackson and Mrs. Gertrude Jackson received honors for their years service in United Church Sunday School. Mr. Morris of Toronto, purchased the old Hospital building on John St. for $8,500 and plans to use it for a nursing home. Dr. H.C. Hall of Oshawa suggested Port Perry Hospital re-open for maternity and other cases to help take the additional demand off Oshawa Hospital. April 1951 Dr. M.B. Dymond was guest speaker at a banquet to commemorate the battle of Vimy Ridge at Del's banquet hall. Town council signed a contract to have town sprayed to keep mosquitoes down this summer. Council passed a new by-law designating angle parking only on the north side of Queen St. and changed the south side to parallel parking. The town quashed plans for a nursing home on John St., but approved use of the old Hospital for a rooming house or apartment. May 1951 Proceeds from a second Gala Night completes final payment for the Recreation Centre. Lakeshore Knitting Mill and Morrow Farm Equipment, located at corner of Perry and Mary St., destroyed in fire. Damage estimated close to $125,000. More than 3000 spectators enjoyed the Port Perry Yacht Club Regatta at the lakefront, which featured 36 speed boat races. June 1951 G.E. (Gerry) Nelson appointed fieldman for the Holstein-Freisian Assoc. Work underway at the Arena making ready for an asphalt floor to be laid at a cost of $2,900. One of the oldest houses in Port Perry is moved from 257 Queen St. to John St. to make room for a new building being built by Mr. A.J. Carnegie. A fourth operators station on the switchboard at the Bell Telephone office is added. Number of phones connected to the exchange is 1238. July 1951 Hon. Paul Martin announces Canada to provide Old Age Security pensions for persons 65 years of age. More than 1200 area residents attended the Lions Club Carnival and Dance at the Memorial Arena. Tenders were let for the construction of a new Public School by the Port Perry Public School Board. Employees of H.W. Gossard Co. from Toronto and Port Perry enjoyed a picnic at Pleasant Valley Ranch. August 1951 A petition is being circulated around town to request Council to bring a vote to the people on having a Brewer's Warehouse in Port Perry. Tenders for the new public school came in about $90,000 over the $185,000 estimate for construction of the new building. A drinking fountain is to be erected close to the Palmer Memorial Park. Port Perry's clerk-treasurer John F. Raines received word a vote on a Brewer's Warehouse would take place on Oct. 24. September 1951 Staff of the Port Perry Star gathered to say farewell to Bill Harrison who accepted a position with the Oshawa Times-Gazette. Gate receipts at Port Perry Fair topped $2,000 with close to 6,000 people attending the fair. Port Perry passed a bylaw issuing a $34,000 debenture over 20 years at 4 1/2 per cent for the new hospital. October 1951 Miss Olive Wallace appointed Assistant Professor in Food Administration MacDonald Institute, Guelph. Ed Storry and his workmen removed the tower from the Town Hall, which has been considered unsafe for some time. The James Goodall Mill at the lakefront was destroyed by a fire Oct. 17 causing $95,000 in damage. The fire also caused some damage the storage room of Lake Scugog Lumber which was next door. The company was owned by Mr. Ira Aldred. Area residents voted 511 for Brewers Warehouse and 485 against., but a 60 per cent majority is needed to win. Close to 88 percent of voters turned out for the highly controversial issue. November 1951 A extremely early and heavy snowfall created severe problems for traffic on the streets. M.A. Gerrow was named Chairman of the Port Perry Scout Association December 1951 In Reach Twp. Howard Dobson was elected Reeve and Malcolm Bailey Deputy Reeve for 1952. Five men forced entry into the apartment over the Bank of Commerce and tied up Manager Mr. Helm, his wife and Mr. T. Asher, the bank caretaker, while they tried to blow up the safe. A phone ringing spooked the robbers and the bandits fled. Fairview Lodge in Whitby, a 200 bedroom home for the aged, was opened by Premier Leslie Frost. January 1952 Dr. Ernest A. Hodgson, assistant Seismologist at the Dominion Observatory has retired to Port Perry. Dr. Hodgson has been charting earthquakes for 37 years and became famous after tracing and reporting an earthquake in the St. Lawrence River in 1925. Port Perry Council for 1952 - Reeve Ernest Hayes; Councillors Hugh Santer, Harry W. Peel, Frank Hastings and Grant Tease. Librarian Edna B. Ingram reports 7,154 books circulated during 1951 at Port Perry Public Library. February 1952 King George VI, 56 years of age, died peacefully in his sleep on Feb. 6. The throne was automatically taken over by 25 year old Queen Elizabeth II. Port Perry Memorial Gardens Arena was built and paid for in three years, turning a $1,993. profit in its first year of operation. Schools, offices and banks in Port Perry closed Feb. 15th for the funeral of King George VI. Kenneth Jackson announced the opening of his new "Flamingo Restaurant." United Church Choir under Mrs. Elsie Dobson won $75 and the coveted Kiwanis Shield at the festival held in Toronto. March 1952 James Glenn MacMaster, son of Dr. and Mrs. D.C. MacMaster of Port Perry was winner of the beautiful child photo contest held in Oshawa. The Christine Bakery opens in the Carnegie building opposite Beare's Garage on Queen St. Council decides to put to a vote, the building of a new school building, to take place on April 28, 1952. April 1952 Port Perry Star re-prints 300 copies of the late Samuel Farmer's book "On The Shores of Scugog" for sale at $1.75 per book. Don Crozier and Everett Prentice rescued two boys caught in an ice flow on Lake Scugog for six hours, by breaking through 150 yards of ice to reach the boat and tow it to shore. Bell Telephone is working on extending and improving rural telephone service in the Port Perry exchange. A vote to raise the necessary money for a new public school by debentures was approved with 262 in favor and 71 against. May 1952 Flamingo Restaurant became the new waiting area for DeNure Bus Lines and Colonial Coach Lines. Ted Griffen and Robt. Helm of Port Perry among the graduates of Ryerson Institute. Mr. Griffen in Architectural Technology and Mr. Helm in Electronic Technology. The Business Men's Association elected Mr. J.C. Love as president and Albert Cawker as 1st vice president. Silverwoods Dairy in Port Perry was robbed of $2,000 after thieves broke in and blew up the safe, demolishing the room. Work on the hospital is nearing completion June 1952 Fire from a seized motor destroyed the hatchery building of Arthur Brunton on Con. 6. Port Perry Beverages announces the bottling of Pure Spring beverages at the plant. For the fifth times since opening, Williams Motor Sales were broken into and robbed of merchandise and thieves stole a car to escape. St. John's Anglican Church, Blackstock, opens and dedicates a new Parish Hall. Contract for new school given to Bennet and Pratt, of Weston, for $253,000. July 1952 Kenosha House burned to ground in early morning fire at Caesarea. Eight tourists escape but Mrs. Tilley Harran, 67, wife of proprietor, dies after rushing into the hotel to save some valuables. Atkinson Foundation donates $4,200 to Community Memorial Hospital for purchase of essential equipment. August 1952 Joel Aldred and Laddie Dennis team up for TV show. Six workmen are busy building a new 6,700 gallon water tank, which is expected to be completed in 10 days. The old tank was so rotten, the contractor didn't know how it had stayed there so long. Survey shows 352 from Port work in Oshawa. General Motors announced Bryden Motors, operating out of Irwin Tripp's Supertest Service Station on Water St. beside the Port Perry Dairy, the local dealer for Chevrolet-Oldsmobile. H. Archer Motors opens a White Rose service station, located on the south east corner of Perry and Mary St. in Port Perry September 1952 Kindergarten suspended for one year because school is overcrowded. Local men working on construction of the new public school are: Jimmy Hope, Oliver Holmes, Jim Smells, L.W.Boxall, Bruce Redmond, Frank Henry. W. St. John and George Smith. Fire levels barn and grain crop of Elmer Aldred, Seagrave. Council opts to lift rent controls in Port Perry effective March 1953. Charlie Popert opens shoe store in Leonard Block. Work completed on new water tower and is now in full operation. October 1952 A scarlet fever outbreak, which threatened to close the Public School was brought under control. George C. Sweetman, a former Reeve and Ont. County Warden passed away at his home on Scugog Island. Sept. 24. Beare Motors, operated by Bill and Storey Beare, was featured in the Farm Equipment Dealer, trade magazine. Port Perry's population up by 92 in past year, to a high of 1,817 residents. Council appoints Reeve Ernest Hayes as new hydro clerk for $130 per month. Brunton Farms open new hatchery building on 7A at 6th concession in Port Perry. November 1952 Bowling comes to Port Perry with the opening of King Pin Lanes across from Reesor Fuels, operated by Wesley Stata. Corner stone of the new $250,000 public school laid by former teacher Eunice Harris, who taught 38 years in Port Perry. Hospital chairman Herb Brooks announces Frances G. Hincks of Bracebridge is the new superintendent when Community Memorial Hospital opens. Reach council, headed by Reeve Howard O. Dobson, accorded a full acclamation for next term. December 1952 New telephone exchange serving Cartwright opened Dec. 10 at Blackstock with 350 subscribers. Reg Moorehead elected Legion Branch 419 president for third term. Reeve E. Hayes resigns to take hydro position. Harry Peel is unanimous choice of council for acting reeve. Art and Vern Bryden purchase Williams Motor Sales at 278 Queen St. (location of IGA) and switch dealership from Ford, Mercury, Lincoln; to Chevrolet and Oldsmobile. Record crowd packs Public Library for nominations meeting , nominating 29 people for eight positions on council, board. January 1953 Port Perry Council: Reeve Harry Peel; Councillors A.L. McDermott, Hugh Santer, Dr. M.B. Dymond, Grant Tease. The 21st consecutive acclamation for a reeve in the village. Last election 1932. Former Maple Leaf netminder, Turk Broda, hired by Port Perry Hockey Club to instruct local bantam, midget and juvenile players Official opening of the new Community Memorial Hospital. Record crowd on hand to see opening of new 32 bed hospital. Mr. Herbert Brooks, chairman of Community Memorial Hospital for the past four years, tendered his resignation. Jessie McArthur, Blackstock, chosen by the Anglican Church to attend Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London, England. Per and Leila Hvidsten of North Bay are the new owners of the Uxbridge Times Journal. Mrs. Lloyd Pogue is first patient at new hospital on Jan. 21. The first baby was Charles McIntyre, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Nelson, born Jan. 26. Mrs. Dehl Bentley is one of first women jurors for Ontario County. She served on jury for five days with Supreme Court. February 1953 Local Post Office is 100 years old. Joseph Bigelow, Port Perry's first reeve, was also its first postmaster. George Hull has been postmaster since 1930. Cec. Hooey, prop., says that some of his older customers tell him that barbering has been done in his shop for 65 years. Could be oldest barbershop in Ontario. Simpson-Sears announces it will open a order office in town. March 1953 Three break-ins during storm, Beare Motors, Bryden Motors and Carnegie Hardware the victims. Elgin "Hutch" Hutchinson wins Lions Club draw for DeSoto Firedome 8 valued at $4,600. Jean Samells, Port Perry, one of 13 Ontario girls chosen to view Coronation, London, England. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Atkinson and their nine children, of Saintfield, were left homeless after narrowly escaping from blaze which destroyed their home. Ice leaves Lake Scugog earliest in 32 years, March 23. April 1953 Geo. A. MacMillan, prominent Reach councillor and former Ontario County Warden, passes in his 77th year. Roy Scott of Seagrave, bowed out as the C.C.F. candidate in Ontario. Albert Cawker elected president of the Port Perry Businessmen's Association. First vice is Irving Boyd and Les Virtue, second vice. Dr. Alexander Graham Christie, a former Manchester boy, is honored by John Hopkins publication "The Vector." Dr. Christie is professor emeritus of John Hopkins School of Engineering. May 1953 Schools in Prince Albert and Manchester having growing pains. Talk of consolidated school to help cope with future growth. Port Perry Yacht Club hold their Outboard Regatta with entries from far and wide. June 1953 Public holiday declared June 2, 1953 for Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Week of celebrations includes special church services, track and field meet, community picnic, parade, fireworks and dancing and a Gala Ball on June 5. A lightning strike on the roof of Dr. J.B. Lundy's garage put a gaping two foot hole in the roof and damaged his car. Jack Hope opens Hope's IGA Food Store. July 1953 Talks begin about installing artificial ice in the arena, at a cost of about $26,000. Work begins at the combined public/high school to renovate it to become the new High School only. Lake Scugog Lumber and Peel's Hardware are local contractors. August 1953 Chief Constable Geo. Holmes resigns after many years of service to the village. O.P.P. to police village until new chief chosen. First twins born at hospital to Mr. and Mrs. James Cameron of Uxbridge, a boy and a girl on Aug. 31. September 1953 New public school opened on Sept. 2, the hottest day of year. Norman Heayn, chairman of Bd. of Education, Reeve Harry Peel and Principal Roy H. Cornish all spoke. Artificial ice is to be installed in arena by November. Blitz Campaign started to raise funds with canvas of the town, with $5,000 raised in first week. October 1953 Official opening of renovated high school takes place Oct. 16 with Principal J.L. Crane master of ceremonies. Port Perry's population is now 1961. Mr. Archie Menzies from Peterborough is new Chief of Police for village of Port Perry. Port Perry Yacht Club to hold Canadian National Championship Regatta on Nov. 12. Wren Blair of Oshawa, appointed new Director and GM of the Memorial Gardens Arena for coming year. November 1953 Roy H. Cornish, 21 years principal of the local public school, received a letter and medal from Queen Elizabeth for his contributions to education. Merlin Letcher named president Provincial Lawn Bowling Association of Ontario. Former treasurer's office moved to new location on Hwy. 12 at 8th concession. Former Christine Bakery, known as Swiss Bakery gets new owner. Mr. O. Arnio is new proprietor. December 1953 Reeve and Council for 1954 elected by acclamation. Only 26 turn out for nomination meeting. Mr. Merlin Dowson only new councillor. Malcolm Bailey defeats Harry Phoenix 570-485 for Reeve of Reach Twp. County Council grants $10,000 toward Port Perry Community Memorial Hospital. January 1954 Mrs. Elsie Forsyth of Greenbank, awoke her four children and ran out of the house in 20 below zero weather, just before the oil stove exploded and the house was engulfed in fire. Manchester School children find weather balloon in field near school which came from the U.S.A. Port Perry Memorial Hospital received second grant of $10,000 from County Council. February 1954 Lions Basketball team wins their 12th straight game. Wm. McKinley, formerly of Scugog, celebrated 100th birthday. March 1954 P.P.H.S. students win cup in drama festival. G.H. Walker, Port Perry awarded Master Breeder Shield of the Holstein Friesian Association. Mrs. Grace Farmer, wife of former editor and president of the Port Perry Star Co. Ltd., died March 15. Anson Gerrow and Hugh Hiltz crawled out on thin ice to put ropes over the heads of 10 cattle which had fallen through the ice near the causeway. April 1954 Two large, rare Whistling Swans seen near Lake Scugog. Dowson's Red and White Store is five years old. Port Perry Dairy severely damaged by fire and water. Owners Don Pargeter and Geo. Parry were working in building at time. Miss Kent Gerrow was presented the Guides highest award, the Gold Cord. First Girl Guide in Port Perry to be so honored. May 1954 Ron A. Peel's hatchery in Port Perry shipped 14,000 baby chicks by rail to the Ottawa valley. The Township Hall at Columbus saved from fire when nearby woodshed is burned. Ux-Spring Motors at corner of Hwy #12 and #47 closes it's businesses with a gigantic public auction sale. Ambulance service started in town by Charles Brignal Jr. Cartwright Central Public School picked as name for new four room Blackstock school. June 1954 Rev. Dr. J. Lewis McLean, former Port Perry boy, elected moderator of the 80th General Assembly Presbyterian Church. Rev. Keith MacMillan elected commissioner to General Council of United Church (Greenbank boy). Church of Ascension dedicates new vestry. August 1954 Dr. Beverly Smallman and family will move to England where he will continue research work, and will be working with Dr. Feldberg, a world famous physiologist. The new concrete floor at the arena is completed, covering 6 1/2 miles of pipes for artificial ice. Cost of the new floor about $6,700. Reach Council requested Minster of Highways put a new surface on highway between Manchester and Port Perry. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Vance had their hair singed as they lay in bed, after lightning struck their house. The strike caused a small fire and considerable damage to the house. M.P. Michael Starr announced a contract had been let for resurfacing of Hwy. #12 between Myrtle and Greenbank and also 7A Hwy. between Manchester and Port Perry. September 1954 First Canadian speed trials on Lake Scugog. Ron Biggs, 16, of Ottawa sets new world record for hydroplane. The Toronto Maple Leafs played a game against the Pittsburgh Hornets at Memorial Gardens Arena in Port Perry. Leafs were coached by King Clancy and Hornets by Howie Meeker. Leafs won 4-0. Mrs. W.M. Letcher was honored when she retired from Library Board after 29 years service. Port Perry population has now climbed to 2058. October 1954 John L. Sweetman, Scugog Twp. reeve for the past five years, resigned to become road forman for the County. Cartwright Central Public School was officially opened October 1. Hurricane Hazel does extensive damage. Trees, telephone and hydro lines, T.V. aerials down in untold numbers. Many barns lose their roofs, also roof off Phil Orde's home. Bandstand at lakefront collapses. More than $2,000 raised locally for hurricane relief. November 1954 A Curling Club was formed, with Grant MacDonald as president. Club played first games in Memorial Gardens arena. Flamingo Restaurant re-opens in new location. Completely new interior (formerly S. Jeffrey Harness Shop). Village votes "dry" for fourth time since 1916. Votes for establishment of a liquor store were 560 in favour and 521 against. Sixty per cent vote requried to bring liquor to village. Keith VanCamp of Nestleton wins National Dairy Council Award. Jimmy Taylor's 5c to $1 store opens Dec. 4. December 1954 Ted Griffen is Commodore of Port Perry Yacht Club. W.H. Peel elected Reeve by acclamation for 1955. Police Chief Archie Menzies captured three men suspected of being the gunmen who held up post office in Prince Albert. Recovered in a ditch were a 9 mm Browning automatic pistol, hoods worn by the gunmen and $80 of stolen money in their vehicle. January 1955 Mr. R.D. Woon retired as Secretary Treasurer of the Port Perry, Reach and Scugog Agricultural Society after holding the position for 16 years. Elmer J. Gibson was inaugurated as Reeve for the Twp. of Reach. The Uxbridge-Port Perry Inter-Community Hockey League was dissolved. Mr. W. Harry Peel, Reeve of Port Perry was sworn in as the 101st Warden of Ontario County. Innes Motor Sales, Port Perry is the local dealer for Fargo trucks. February 1955 Women's Auxiliary decorated and outfitted the Children's Ward at Community Memorial Hospital with new beds, tables, chairs, books and toys. Bell Telephone reports 60 phones added in '54, bringing the total in the local exchange to 1175. Manchester Credit Union, started late last year, held its first annual meeting in the Myrtle Hall. President is Robt. Walker of Port Perry. A fire which started near the furnace caused $3,000 damage to Epsom Public School which has 32 pupils taught by Mrs. R. Wilbur. Mrs. Art Brock of the Scugog Chapter I.O.D.E. dedicated memorial shelf at library in honor of members who have passed away. Fidelity Lodge A.F. & A.M. present Rt. Wor. Bro. H.G. Hutcheson with jewel to commemorate 60 years in lodge. March 1955 Anglican Church receives gift of organ and other items from Catholic Apostolic Church in Toronto, which is closing. Divers from the Dept. of Transport pulled the bodies of Fred Frayer and Earl Burr of Caesarea from Lake Scugog after their car plunged through the ice about 500 ft. from shore. John Neil escaped the vehicle as it was going through. Barbara Love was crowned Queen of Carnival for the Memorial Gardens Ice Revue. April 1955 Pee Wee hockey team captures Peterborough Dist. Championship and Central Ont. crown for second straight year. A fire April 9 at the Memory Hall, Utica, totally destroyed the building which had stood at the four-corners of the village for more than half a century. Port Perry merchants voted to open their places of business until 9 p.m. Friday nights during June, July and August. They will continue to stay open until 9 p.m. Saturdays, as usual. Port Perry Public School children receive first of three shots of a Poliomyelitis vaccine. May 1955 Dr. M.B. Dymond was nominated to represent the Conservatives in the next Provincial election. The largest crowd ever assembled in Canada, 3,500 people, for a nomination meeting met at the Port Perry Memorial Gardens arena, with Dr. Dymond winning the nomination in five ballots. Port Perry is assured a member in the Provincial House as Liberal candidate W. Tom Harris is also a Port Perry citizen. Roy Scott, of Seagrave, was nominated as the C.C.F. candidate in Ontario Riding. June 1955 Lions Club conduct election centre in the Memorial Gardens. All three candidates for the election are from Port Perry district. Dr. M. B. Dymond is elected to represent Ontario Riding, defeating Mr. Tom Harris by close to 2,000 votes. Memorial Gardens to hold Professional Wrestling every other Saturday during the summer. Ringside seats $1. Bob Howsam opened the Western Tire and Auto Supply store on Queen St. across from Beare Motors. July 1955 Reach Twp. changes Nomination Day to the last Friday before the last Monday in November. Election Day will be first Monday in December. Sod was turned for a $10,000,000 Shopping Centre in Oshawa, billed as one of Canada's largest. August 1955 Troop leader James Hunter and Patrol Leader Albert Fulford represented the First Port Perry Scout Troop at the Jamboree in Niagara-on-the-lake. Mac Christie, Manchester, was filmed doing his morning chores at the farm for a television show called Country Calendar. Port Perry Yacht Club held a 36 miles marathon race on Lake Scugog, from Port Perry to Caesarea and back, with 15 boats entered. September 1955 DeNure Bus Lines Limited awarded $18,000 for business adversely affected by City of Oshawa taking over suburban bus travel formerly supplied by DeNure. Eighty boats competed in the C.N.E. speed boat races which were moved to Lake Scugog from Toronto, due to bad weather on Lake Ontario. The Del Restaurant was taken over by Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Lawrence. October 1955 Ray Hobbs Garage at Manchester burned to the ground. Dr. R.G. McNab announces opening of practice of Dentistry in the building owned by Drs. Rennie and Dymond. Howard Motors, operated by Howard Challis, takes over Bryden Motors, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile dealer. November 1955 Quick response by the Port Perry Fire Brigade averted a disaster at Haugen's Drive-Inn Restaurant, Manchester. A leak in a line from a gas truck filling the restaurant's gas tanks ignited, setting the building on fire. Cost to operate the Memorial Gardens Recreation Centre (Arena) for the past 12 months was $14,570.00. Mr. J.L. Crane, principal of Port Perry High School, resigned to take up duties as principal of Essex Dist. High School, near London, Ont. December 1955 Twenty-two Port Perry businesses take part in an Appreciation Day promotion every Saturday for the next 52 weeks, with draws every Saturday in front of the Post Office. George and Harold Emmerson open the Emmerson Motel on Queen St., opposite the Post Office. Mr. R.D. Woon honored for many years of service to Port Perry Reach and Scugog Agricultural Society. F.W. Brock and Son becomes A.W. Brock Department Store. Have been in business 75 years. Radio personality Joel Aldred donated $5,000 state-of-the-art operating room table to Community Memorial Hospital in memory of his brother Bill and cousin Wm. Morrish. Reeve Harry Peel and Councillors Merlin Dowson, Gordon Carnegie, J.J. Gibson and Geo. Oldfield all acclaimed to Port Perry council for 1956. January 1956 A.W. Brock renovates store with new ceilings, walls, lights, linoleum floors and electric sign. Reach Twp. council inauguration - Reeve E.J. Gibson, Dept. Reeve Howard McMillan; Councillors Edward Oyler and Glen Wanamaker. Port Perry Legion Branch 419 elects Frank Godley president, and Mike Hlozon vice president. February 1956 President Ted Griffen tenders resignation at final meeting of the Port Perry Businessmen's Assoc. Businessmen's Association disbanding after 22 years serving business community. Phil W. Orde elected Commodore of the Port Perry Yacht Club. James Hunter, Albert Fulford and Clive Boyd first Port Perry boys to receive their Queen Scouts badges. The inaugural meeting to form the Port Perry Chamber of Commerce took place Feb. 28 with Storey Beare elected president; Harry Peel, vice pres.; C. Edward (Ted) Griffen, 2nd vice pres.; and Frank Godley, sec./treas. March 1956 Irwin Tripp sells garage business to Robert Archer. Archer Motors appointed authorized dealer for Pontiac-Buick and GMC Trucks. Williams Motors was announced as the Mercury, Lincoln, Meteor dealer for Port Perry. Fred Lamb takes over as Secretary Treasurer of the Agriculture Society, left vacant by retirement of R.D. Woon. April 1956 Brooklin hockey team wins All-Ontario Junior "D" Title. Four of the team's players, Bob Carnegie, Garnet Warriner, Jack Owen and Bill Cornish are Port Perry boys. Mill rate for 1956 set at 70, up 10 mills from last year. Hospital reports during 1955 there were 936 admissions and 155 births. May 1956 Dancing at Caesarea's Edgewater Pavilion every Saturday night. Miss Eleanor Hutchison becomes the second guide from Port Perry to receive her Gold Cord. June 1956 Bell Telephone announces Port Perry will have dial telephones installed during 1958. Pickard's Hardware becomes local agent for Adam's Furniture of Oshawa. The Elizabeth Shoppe opens in new location opposite Post Office. Paving is underway along Highways 7A and 12. Lions Club sponsor dance at high school to help form Teen Town organization. Over 150 teens attend and elect executive - Pres. Bruce Taylor; Vice pres. Claudette Boulenger, Gary Menzies, Barbara Heyes; Sec. Donna Jeffrey and Treas. Garnet Warriner. Councillor Merl Dowson takes over duties of Reeve Harry Peel, while he convalesces following a heart attack. July 1956 Ont. County Council learns a new jail for 64 prisoners to be built in Whitby, including two death cells. Hazel M. Wallace celebrated her 30th year with Bell Telephone in Port Perry. Branch 419 members bid farewell to Reg. Moorhead, known locally as "Mr. Legion", who is leaving town. August 1956 Canadian industrialist E.P. Taylor buys the 438 acre "Elmcroft" farm of George McLaughlin, at north end of Oshawa. Two CBC broadcasters spent a day in town tape-recording a broadcast with local people about Port Perry, for their show "Let's Find Out." Ruby Leask and Shirley Ann Crozier compete in CNE Dairy Queen Contest in Toronto. W.A. Farmer and Irving A. Boyd of the Port Perry Star were among the press members invited to be first to travel on the newly opened Highway 401 Toronto by-pass. September 1956 Enrollment at Port Perry High School hits 284, forcing use of the last basement room as a classroom. Town of Port Perry is selling public school debentures bearing interest at 5 percent to investors. October 1956 Howard Motors Chevrolet-Oldsmobile celebrates first anniversary on Oct. 1. Chamber of Commerce pays tribute to R.B. Smallman at a special meeting and present him with traveling bags. Ron Lowcock opens Port Perry Motors, authorized dealer for Volkswagen cars, at Sweetman's Service Station. Cartwright Council approves issue of $50,000 debenture for school addition. November 1956 Dr. W. A. Sangster was guest of honor at the Durham-Ontario Dental Society, where he was presented with a desk set for his years of service to Port Perry. Skating is still popular. More than 300 skaters took to the ice for the first public skating at Memorial Arena this winter. One of Canada's largest and most beautiful Shopping Centres opens in Oshawa. Scouts appeal to community for donations to install a new furnace in the Scout Hall. Chamber of Commerce installs new signs at west and east end of town directing tourists to downtown Port Perry shopping centre. December 1956 Port Perry Council for 1957: J.J. (James) Gibson, Reeve, by acclamation; Councillors W.T. Harris, Arthur Cox, Irving Boyd and Frank Godley. Scugog Island church congregations unite to form the new Scugog United Church located at the Centre of the Island. January 1957 Port Perry Council 1957 - Reeve J.J. Gibson; Councillors Art Cox, Frank Godley, W. Tom Harris, Irving A. Boyd. Port Perry businesses announce new store hours: Friday to 9 p.m., Wed., to 12:30 p.m. and all other days until 6 p.m. New water well for town found on Stanley Robinson property south of town yielding 45 gallons per minute natural flow. C. Popert re-opens former Del Restaurant and moves pool room to same premises. Owen Reader completes course in electronics and sets up Radio and T.V. repair shop. February 1957 Dr. Beverley N. Smallman has been appointed chief of the Division of Etymology Science Service in Ottawa. Comrade Michael Hlozan was installed as president of Legion Branch 419, Port Perry. Council endorses telephone answering locations for fire calls in the homes of Chief W.G. Raines, Harry DeShane, Mervin DeNure, Geo. Parry, Keith Mark, Charles Lown and the fire hall. Police Chief Menzies salary was raised to $4,000 per year, plus $1,000 for mileage. March 1957 Miss Audrey Kent, featured in a double page spread of the Weekend Telegram featuring her work with angora rabbits. Tom Sandiland was credited with saving the Western Tire Store from a fire when he noticed smoke in the building. Firemen quickly extinguished the blaze which started in the basement. Remuneration to Reeve and Councillors was increased to $300 and $200 respectively effective Jan. 1, 1957. Port Perry Chamber of Commerce held their first annual dinner meeting since being formed and elected Storey Beare president of the new board of directors. "Tug" Wilson has returned to Port Perry and set up a TV and radio repair shop. April 1957 Lake Scugog Lumber Co. Ltd. hold grand opening of their remodeled and renovated store. Midtown Appliances buys out Phoenix Electric. Port Perry High School student Gary Edgar of Scugog Island wins the "Tom Long Boat Medal" for proficiency in sports, leadership and character. Corporation sells six lots along Water St., formerly used as a dump, to Tripp Construction for $800 plus conditions which include construction of a building valued at $30,000 on the land within two years. May 1957 Causeway Investments open new summer cottage area called Scugog Village on Scugog Island about a mile east of Eden's store. Miss Nellie McGregor was honored at a retirement dinner after serving 42 years with the Bell Telephone Co. in Port Perry. Two youngsters, Wayne, 8, and John Craig, 7, left home for a hike and did not return by night, but were found safe miles from home near Claremont the following day after a massive search by more than 200 people for the missing boys. Miss Jeanne Williams wins contest to meet recording star Pat Boone at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. Art Brunton elected Deputy Dist. Governor of Zone 10, District A3 Lions International. June 1957 To offset more than $2,000 in debt for operation of the Memorial Centre Arena during 1956, a monster auction was held. Due to serious hot, dry spell, water down to four feet in water tower. Residents urged to ration water. July 1957 Reeve J.J. Gibson, A.L. McDermott and J. Raines are criticized for building boathouses on road allowance to lake at east end of Beech St. Council takes no action. Local calls from public telephones in Port Perry set at 10¢ per call. Dr. M.B. Dymond, M.P.P., appointed Minister of Reform Institutions. Final arrangements are made to bring new supply of fresh water into Port Perry from well south of town. August 1957 Maple Leaf Gardens Wrestling begins at Port Perry Memorial Arena with the "Mighty Ursus vs. "Gene Kiniski" Dr. M.B. Dymond, withdraws from active practice but will remain in Port Perry. Dr. John Diamond will take over his practice. Ratepayers petition council to hold plebiscite regarding outlets for sale of beer and liquor. Council agrees to hold vote. Charles Reesor hired to manage new Texaco Service Station at corner of 7A and Oshawa Rd. September 1957 Testimonial Dinner held in Oshawa to honor Ontario Ridings two cabinet ministers. Hon. Dr. M.B. Dymond, M.P.P., Min. of Reform Institutions and Hon. Michael Starr, M. P., Min. of Labour Ford introduces its newest member of the family, the Edsel, which comes in 17 models. Schools were closed and the town was without water for a day after Bell Telephone trenchers cut through a water line, draining the water tank. October 1957 Port Perry Star publishes a 16 page 50th Anniversary Historical Edition. Storey and Bill Beare, of Beare Motors given Long Service Award from Chrysler Corp. who they have represented since 1932 when their father, Cecil Beare became a representative. Port Perry High School closed for more than a week as over 100 students are absent with the flu. Bert (H.G.) Hutcheson installed as the first life member of the Port Perry Lions Club. John Orde elected as chairman of the Citizen's Committee to promote advantage of controlled government liquor and beer stores in town. More than 90 percent of the local businesses are in favor. Capacity crowd at Utica Memory Hall for the official opening Oct. 25. November 1957 Since the opening of the Oshawa Shopping Centre, six stores have closed and four more have announced they are closing. The largest turnout ever for a vote (92 percent) approve legal outlets for beer and liquor in Port Perry after 41 years. Twelve hundred people voted 63 percent in favor or a warehouse for beer and 61 percent for a liquor store. A switch was turned to formally open the second well for fresh water to Port Perry, some two years after the search for a new supply began. December 1957 Port Perry acclaims its council with Reeve J.J. Gibson at the helm. In Reach Twp. Robt. C. Baird was acclaimed along with his entire council. Principal Roy H. Cornish honored by Board of Education for 25 years service at the public school in Port Perry. Van's Men's and Boys Wear is closing out business Dec. 21. January 1958 Reesor Fuel and Lumber are issuers of Motor and Drivers Licenses at their offices at the corner of Water and Scugog St. Corporation purchases land behind Post Office for $1,500. Hospital Bd. holds party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the hospital. Police Chief Menzies requests council to build a new police station and courtroom, and that a second officer be hired. No action taken. February 1958 Extremely cold weather and heavy snow forced the closure of the Public School and many children received frozen cheeks and noses when sent out to trudge back home through blowing snow. Two bus loads of area residents traveled to the Embassy Club, Toronto to dance to John Orde's orchestra. Council prepared to sign a gas franchise with Consumer Gas Company for installation of a gas system in the town. Corporation signs a subdivision agreement with Arthur J. Carnegie and William J. Carnegie to develop the Carnegie Subdivision. March 1958 The Carnegie brothers, Robert, Harry, Gordon and Donald hold a grand opening of the recently renovated Carnegie Hardware store, under the new name of Crest Hardware. Port Perry Lions Club honor charter member H. G. Hutcheson with a life membership on his 86th birthday. Port Perry High School basketball team wins COSSA Senior B Championship under leadership of coach Ivan Parkinson. W. H. Peel's Hardware become Bell Telephone's agency in town for accounts and service matters, staring March 31. Scout Hall building fund for hall extension gets underway. The sunken hull of the old Carnegie Mill steamer "The Stranger", just off Birdseye Centre, is a hazard to outboard motors, reports Mr. Otis Hamilton. April 1958 Decaying pilings under the dockhouse on the government wharf has caused it to collapse with the spring thaw. The future of this 43 year-old building is yet to be decided. Mike Starr swept a victory in Ontario Riding with a 16,106 majority, the largest every recorded in the riding. Sharen Haugen, escorted by Steve Fralick, was chosen Queen of the High School "At Home." Bell Telephone employees begin visiting homes and business to install new dial telephones to use when the exchange is converted to dial operation. John Christie elected president of Canadian Legion, Branch 419. Dr. M.B. Dymond given new portfolio as Minister of Transport. May 1958 Dept. of Highways promises minor repairs on causeway, including new guardrails, a section of culvert replaced and some cleaning. Polio clinics being held throughout the area for children and adults up to 40 years of age. Mr. Donald Milne purchased the manufacturing deptartment of the Great West Saddlery Co. in Peterborough, but will continue to live here. Arthur Panabaker elected president of the Port Perry Chamber of Commerce. Port Perry Curling Club unveil plans to build a $43,000 curling club and have it open for the next season. June 1958 A new Brewers' Retail store at the juncture of Queen St. and Hwy. 7A opened for business on June 2, 1958. George Stone's Men's Wear opens on Queen St., Port Perry. Four Toronto teenagers drown in Lake Scugog after their rented outboard motorboat capsized. It was the worst boating accident in more than a quarter of a century on the lake. Corporation purchases the Tease Building on Perry St. for $11,000. The Liquor Control Board store opened at the corner of Queen and Perry St. (old Willard Block) June 13, 1958. New emergency reporting system installed in seven homes of firemen will alert them of fires or other disasters. July 1958 Dial telephones go into service at 3:01, Sunday, July 6th. All telephone numbers change beginning with YUkon 5. Reeve J.J. Gibson makes first call on dial telephone, speaking with Ivan Kerry in Charlottetown, PEI. Reesor Fuel and Lumber build new warehouse and lumber shed. Police Chief Menzies recommends parallel parking for Queen St. Consideration to be given next year by council. Progress on Scout Hall edition well underway with roof completed and walls ready for log siding. Mrs. Hazel Wallace retires after 32 years with Bell Telephone. Receives silver tea service from D. W. McIntosh. Council lets tenders for addition to new municipal office, according to plans proposed and designed by Mr. Ted. Griffen. August 1958 Work is underway at water Well #1 cleaning the screen and surging the well of sand and silt to try and bring it back to 150 gallons per minute. Ontario Water Resource Commission reports there is a need for a proper sewage treatment plant for Port Perry. September 1958 The Clerk's office, Hydro office and Police office moved to building on Perry St., formerly occupied by the Tease knitting mill. New addition planned for the front of building. Enrollment at Port Perry Public School was up 34 pupils to a high of 434 students registered. Mrs. Jeanne Dymond was on hand to greet Princess Margaret on her recent Royal Tour. Dr. Rennie, Jack and Mack Hope and Gordon Morrow were rescued from Lake Scugog by Fred Martin of Whitby after he heard cries for help. The four local men were in the water over half an hour before being rescued after their boat capsized. A tender from Lake Scugog Lumber for $10,766.00 for an addition to the municipal office was approved. Construction of Port Perry Curling Rink is well underway. It will be closed in and ready for inside finishing soon. October 1958 Dept. of Transport grants village permission to remove dockhouse to a site of their own choosing on shore. John Reba, of John's Shoe Shop, purchases former town office on Queen St. and remodeled it for his Port Perry Shoe Hospital. J.J. Gibson officially opened a new delivery, loading ramp and general office building at their Bigelow St. poultry plant. Testimonial Dinner held for Dr. M.B. Dymond by the Chamber of Commerce. November 1958 Port Perry Figure Skating Club is formed with the following officers: President Georgia Brock, Vice-pres. Mrs. M.B. Dymond, Sec. Mrs. Keith Mark, Treasurer Mrs. Gordon Goode. Acute shortage of water in the area, many wells running dry. Some people opening hydrants to fill tanks. Town says these people will be prosecuted. A new marine hoist designed and built by Harold Holtby, has been installed at J. Orde Marine at the lakefront. December 1958 Reeve J.J. Gibson and his council declared elected by acclamation for the year 1959. The new Curling Rink opens its doors for curling, although all work inside is not completed. January 1959 Lynn Fair of the Ont. Department of Agriculture says lack of rainfall during June, July and August has caused the worst water shortage in Ontario County in past 12 years. Hon. M.B. Dymond, Minister of Health, officially opens the 29 bed, $415,000 Cottage Hospital in Uxbridge. Douglas Edenborough became the first Port Perry boy chosen to be a Page Boy for the Legislative Assembly at the Parliament Buildings. Council approved the plans presented by Wm. Beare for an addition to Port Perry High School which will include six classrooms, cafeteria, auditorium/gymnasium for $250,000. February 1959 A fire discovered by Harvey Mahaffy in the ceiling of the engine room at Master Feeds caused $30,000 damage to the building. Fire Chief Guy Raines sized up the scene quickly and called in trucks from Uxbridge and Oshawa to help control the blaze. Joel Aldred was the guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Night, and spoke on the trials of a 'gentleman farmer.' Mr. Bob Howsam sold his interest in the Western Tire Automotive Store to Mr. Joe Turbitt. Council decided to refinish the downstairs part of the new municipal building for a police office and cells. March 1959 Ronald Werry elected president of the 1959 Ontario County Jr. Farmers. The roof of Port Perry Fuel's coal shed collapsed due to the weight of snow. Town officials are checking roofs around town due to the heavy snowloads. Tender for removal of dockhouse from Reginald Armstrong for $10 approved. Must be removed by April 1, 1959. Reesor Fuel and Lumber was hit for the second time in a month. This time thieves broke in, cut open the safe with an acetylene torch and made off with $500. April 1959 Thieves try and rob Brewer's Retail by cutting open safe. They then stole a tow truck from Pargeter's Garage and tried to winch the safe out, but were unsuccessful. Police feel they are local citizen's at work. Chief Constable Menzies recommends council eliminate U-Turns at Water and Queen St. Council turns down request saying U-Turns are not dangerous if regulations are observed. A truck from Sweetman's Garage was stolen and a gang of thieves made off with 10 outboard motors and tools from J. Orde Marine. Ted Griffen elected president of the Port Perry Chamber of Commerce at its annual meeting, held at the Flamingo Restaurant. Municipal and Hydro employees now working out of the new offices on Perry St. Official opening to be held later. May 1959 A delegation appeared before council requesting the dump be moved from Water St., as it is an eyesore and source of contamination. Councillor Boyd reports a new dumping site has been arranged on C.N.R. right-of-way at North St. June 1959 Chief Constable A.C. Menzies presented council with a letter of resignation effective June 14. Dr. M. B. Dymond returned for a second term as representative in the Ont. Legislature for Ontario Riding. The Chamber of Commerce request council have the Village of Port Perry changed to the Town of Port Perry. Council agreed to check with Dept. of Municipal Affairs for further information. July 1959 Mr. R.J. Cameron of Midland, was hired by council as the new Police Sergeant for Port Perry. A man vacationing at Birdseye Centre, from Buffalo N.Y., caught a 6 1/2 lb. bass measuring 24 inches long. Miss Doreen Evans, RR 3 Uxbridge, declared Ontario County Dairy Princess. Her sister Doris was runner-up. Council hires second constable, Mr. Eric Place of Port Credit. Work on rebuiding a section of the Oshawa Rd. just north of the ridges is underway. The grade of the hill to be cut down, road straightened and paved. Council decides there is no sufficient advantage to changing from a Village to a Town, so will not apply at this time. August 1959 Mr. Grant Christie honored by friends and former colleagues as he retires as clerk-treasurer of Reach Twp. after 10 years service. September 1959 Fire wiped out an old landmark at Caesarea. The Holiday Inn, a well known restaurant and dance hall was a mass of flames by the time firemen arrived from Caesarea and Port Perry. Port Perry Public School opens with a record high attendance of 440 pupils. Mrs. Grace Hastings is the new music instructor. Port Perry High School reports a registration of 339, the highest number ever to enroll. Dr. A.C. Bathie elected president of the Ontario Chiropractic Association at convention held in Toronto. October 1959 Stan and Mel Gerrow enter into a sub-division agreement with the Corp. of Port Perry. Reach Twp. appoints Mr. Alex Johns as its new clerk-treasurer, replacing Grant Christie. Town water supply turned off for five hours while water tank is cleaned. Complaints concerning odor and taste initiated the action. November 1959 Port Perry Curling Club gets underway for its second season. Clubrooms are finished and ice surface is in superb curling condition says Icemaker Gord Holdershaw. Chamber of Commerce continues to push council to change status of Port Perry from Village to a Town. H.W. Gossard asks to renew lease at Town Hall for $85 per month for another year. Council asking for $100 per year. J.J. Gibson enters fourth term as Reeve. The new Deputy Reeve position is secured by Tom Harris. Robt. Kenny is the only new councillor. December 1959 Reach Twp. council returned by acclamation under the leadership of Reeve Howard McMillan. Newly completed Masonic Temple in Port Perry was dedicated December 8, 1959, beside the Town Hall. A total of 26 Masons attend special dinner. Anson Gerrow returned as Reeve of Scugog Twp. An ice storm causes wide spread damage, toppling trees, hydro lines down. Area residents without electrical power for days after the storm. Hydro brings crews in from Huntsville district to help local crews restore power. List of some of of the people and businesses in operation at the end of 1957 included: I.R. Bentley Jewellery; Simpson-Sears Ltd., McEachern's Hat Shop, Mulligan's Beauty Salon, Dr. S.P. Kandel, Dr. G.M. Rennie, Walsh Electric, Elizabeth Shoppe, Silverwood Dairies, Master Feeds, Sweetman's Taxi, O.J. Boe's Lucky Dollar Store, Gerrow's Bakery, Gordon Prentice Imperial Oil, Carnegie Hardware, Bert MacGregor and Son, Port Perry Florist, DeNure Bus Line Ltd., Greer & Kelly, H. W. Gossard, Tripp Construction, Dowson's Food Market, Jack Pargeter, Pickard Hardware, Kayvan's Ladies Wear, Jessie Hope's Smoke Shop, Emmerson Motel, John Ballard Lumber, Earl Wallace, Levinson Drygoods, Hope's I.G.A. Archer Motors, Reesor Fuel and Lumber, Beare Motors, Lake Scugog Lumber and Cawker Bros.

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