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Port Perry Directory - 1869/70

Click here for the Directory of Ontario County, 1869/70.


A village in the township of Reach, lying at the head of Lake Scugog, 18 miles north east from Whitby, was first settled by Mr. Williams, about 1830. The first store was opened by Messr C. Draper & Co., in 1845. The Post office was established in 1852, Joseph Bigelow being the first Postmaster. The churches are, one English, built of brick, in 1867, at the cost of about $2000. One Episcopal Methodist built of wood, in 1856, at the cost of about $1000. One Baptist, built of wood, in 1867, at the cost of about $2000. One Presbyterian, built of wood, in 1867, at about the same cost. The manufacturing interests are represented by one combined Foundry and Agricultural work, one grist mill, one steam cabinet factory, one planing mill, sash and door factory, one woollen factory, one stave and heading factory, manufacturing 900,000 staves and 600,000 heads per year. Three gang saw mills unitedly turning out some 5,000,000 feet of lumber yearly, two shingle factorys manufacturing 4,000,000 bunches yearly. The Royal Canadian Bank has also a branch here under the able management of Mr. Joseph Bigelow. The village also has a Lodge of Good Templars, a brass Band, Mr. John H. Maw, leader, a united Grammar and Common School, employing four teachers. Several large general stores, two wagonmakers, blacksmiths, &c. Population about 900.

Abbott, Charles E., millwright
Addison, William, blacksmith
Allison, J. W., merchant
Anderson, John, moulder
Baird, David, labourer
Baker, Robert, shoemaker
Bear, William, miller
  Royal Canadian Bank
  in dry goods, groceries, &c.
Bongard, C., pedler
Bowers, John, labourer
Brant, Peter, laborer
Brown, Perry, labourer
Bullen, T. S., tailor
Bunton, Robert, cooper
BURNHAM, H., clerk Div. Court
Carvin, Henry, labourer
Charles, Henry, merchant
Christian, Mrs.
Clemings, C., carpenter
Barrister, Attorneys, &c.
COCHRANE, W. M., (Cochrane
  & Cochrane)
Coedy, John, harnessmaker
Collins, George, cooper
Cook, J., butcher
Corrin, William, labourer
Corrin, David, teamster
Crandell, Gilbert D., labourer
Currin, J., mason
Currin, Mrs.
Davis, John, cabinetmaker
Demorest, A., carpenter
Drinkwater, Edward, sawyer
Drinkwater, George, engineer
EBBELS, H. L., Spencer & Ebbels
Enser, Frederick, moulder
Flett & Hutchinson, blacksmiths
Foy, Henry, shoemaker
Gibson, Misses J. & A., milliners
Gibson, A., moulder
Good, James, farmer
GORDON, HENRY, postmaster
Hardill, Thomas, sawyer
Hearns, W., labourer
Henley, George, baker
Hopkins, William, engineer
Hudgens, Clark, blacksmith
Ireland, Daniel, bowling saloon
Jacobs, Cyrus, teamster
Jacobs, John, farmer
Jamison, Miss R.
JONES & JONES, DRS., Druggists
  and Chemists
Kellett, C. C., fruit tree dealer, &c.
Kelley, William, farmer
Kennedy, William, labourer
King, S., blacksmith
Kirkpatrick, M., shoemaker
Lavery, John, labourer
Littleproud, J., miller
Luke, William, cooper
Maines, William, teamster
Mathews, John, carpenter

Marsh & Trounce, merchants
Maw, Harrison, carpenter
Maw, Robert H., carpenter
Meredith, Alexander, shoemaker
Michael, J., teamster
Mitchell, Joseph, labourer
Moore, A., mason
Mordant, C., shoe maker
  Port Perry Standard
McDonald, Henry, labourer
McIntyre, H., machinist
McKenzie, Henry, photographer
McKenzie, Charles, livery stable
McKenzie, William, labourer
McMichael, Robert, merchant
Pargeter, E., gentleman
PARRISH, W. T., dealer in stoves,
  tin and hardware, &c.
PAXTON, TATE & CO, Port Perry
  agricultural works
PAXTON, THOMAS, mill prop. and M.P.P.
Paxton, Mrs.
Paxton, Mrs. H.
Paxton & Jones, merchants
Peirce, George, miller
Petitt, William, merchant
Philipo, K., labourer
Philipo, James, labourer
Philipo, John, labourer
Platten, A, sawyer
Platten, Thomas, cooper
Platten, Mrs.
PORT PERRY Standard, every
  Thursday-$1.50 and $2.00
  a year, E., Mundy, Editor
Porters, Alexander, turner
Power, Charles, carpenter
Powers, James, moulder
Pringle, William, teacher
Quackenboss, L., cooper
Quackenboss, Wm., labourer
Rames, J., labourer
Ray, Mrs. M.
Roberts, Jacob, cooper
Robinson, George, carpenter
Robson, William, carpenter
Sexton, Alonzo, lumber merchant
Sexton, Wm. S., mill proprietor
Shaw, John J., factory agent
Shaw, Mrs. J., hotelkeeper
Shipman, Wm., overseer of fisheries
Sinclair, Neil, hotelkeeper
Smith, John, labourer
Smith, J., cooper
SPENCER & EBBELS, barristers,
  attorney, &c.
Stout, Prof. S., hairdreser
TATE, WILLIAM, (Paxton Tate & Co.)
Taylor, P., carpenter
THOMPSON, JAMES, proprietor
  Port Perry house
Thompson, John, labourer
Traver, James, mail carrier
Wesley, C., blacksmith
White, George U., carriage builder
Wilson, A., clerk
Young, Charles, weaver

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