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Seagrave, Ontario

Canada introduced the postcard in 1871, but they became very popular during the early part of the 20th Century. Following are some of the many postcard pictures taken in and around Port Perry during this period in history.

This card, circa 1900, shows the main intersection of Seagrave, with the Ocean House hotel to the left, and the Seagrave General store a little further up the street.

The Ocean House Hotel, Seagrave circa 1900.

United Church, Seagrave about 1907.

This 1900 picture card shows the Bethel Methodist Episcople Church, which was located south of Seagrave, just north of the 11th Concession on Simcoe Street.

Seagrave Railway Station, 1900, which was located northwest of the United Church.

Seagrave School SS#17, about 1900. The school was located one block west of the general store, on the northeast corner.

Bethel School SS#13, about 1900. The school was located near the Bethel ME Church south of Seagrave on the 11th concession.

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